How it's made

Every single piece of Photofinish Jewellery is individually handmade by me in Hampshire, England.

Uniquely for a jewellery designer the process starts with photography.
This starts with finding an appropriate subject to photograph and getting the perfect image which can involve many hours of countryside walks getting inspiration. The image is then transposed onto recycled Aluminium. This image is then sealed under the surface in a process using just the heat of steam to grow the surface of the recycled metal over the ink trapping it under the surface. This gives the jewellery a durable and pleasing finish. Hence the name Photofinish!

Real Cyclamen flower and leavesCyclamen leaf necklaceHere is the original Cyclamen plant with one of our necklaces. The patten on the leaves is individual to each plant, a bit like a finger print.

Then, if making a leaf for example, I emboss this sheet using a skeleton of an old leaf placed on top of the metal image and run it through a rolling mill to give the effect of the veins of the leaf. Other subjects I'll use fine paper to give a tiny bit of texture to give a little bit of sparkle to help the colours to pop.

Here is the Rolling Mill used for embossing leaves. 

Rolling mill used to emboss leaf veins etc

 At this point I cut out each piece by hand and file smooth all the edges before gently shaping each one. Finally I drill a hole and add a jump ring from which to hang the necklace or earrings.

Due to each piece being handmade and the processes involved there will be slight variations in size, colour and shape making each piece unique, just as in nature.

The chains (18"/45cm) and ear wires are made from sterling silver and the leaf is made using recycled aluminium so every piece is very light weight and hypoallergenic.