Environmental statement

At every stage of Photofinish Jewellery whether making designs or as we grow we try to have the smallest impact on the environment as possible. This is especially important to me after working in nature conservation for 25 years before starting Photofinish jewellery.

  • We use recycled Aluminium. 8 times less energy used to manufacture.
  • Taking only pictures we leave nature where it should be. We do sometimes take an autumn leaf home to photograph on a light box and then we compost them.
  • In 2020 we found a supplier and started using FSC certified gift boxes and box liners are made from FSC wood too!
  • Chains are made using recycled sterling silver and ear wires are made of sterling silver which is a widely recycled metal.
  • Any metal off cuts and waste is recycled.
  • The sanding pads used to smooth the edges of your jewellery are offcuts from the automotive industry that would have normally gone to landfill.
  • Use only steam to seal the images under the metal surface.
  • Use plain cardboard to post out orders in small letterbox friendly parcels. Thus reducing the delivery miles of missed deliveries.
  • Business cards printed on recycled paper.

Photofinish Jewellery celebrating nature at its best!